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Philosophy : What we believe

Yeah, I know it's dull and boring but here are the terms and conditions of service, product and this website itself.

Product Warranty

All components sold as brand-new to a customer will be covered by a minimum of 1 years warranty from the hardware manufacturer (as is the case with nearly everything these days). This warranty will not be in-effect in the case of refurbished of second hand products (if the manufacturer doesn't offer a warranty on a unit we cannot offer one either).

Data Integrity

Strictly speaking it is the customers responsibility to have recent backups of any data on their systems or devices prior to repair, should their data prove unrecoverable or the data storage medium degrades during the job. This clause is standard practice for most professional technicians. We understand that not everyone keeps on top of this chore, and we'll not intentionally do anything to wipe out your data. However, if you had no backup, and we were unable to create one or extract your files we will not take responsibility for the loss of said data.

System Security

If a system of yours becomes compromised by hackers or a malicious party because someone operating it may have made poor decisions or left themselves open to attack through lack of maintainaince (security updates for example) we will not be held responsible. Keeping a system secure requires a certain level of knowledge and experience from all those that use it. Computers can be very complex and it doesn't always take much to leave holes in the armor. No security package can protect against EVERY threat currently being exploited. Think twice before clicking cancel when prompted to update java.

This website

Any information or advice provided on of by this website is given without any express of implied warranty. Information on this site may occasionally be out of date and subject to change without notice.

OSI Logo

The OSI logo is a trademark of Open Source Initiative. We did not create the logo, we're just fond of what the group stand for and wish to promote it.